How It Works


Easy as 1, 2, 3. Get your property listed

Property mart lists your properties with ease. Find the right tenant for your property in no time. Hassle free listing with no middle-man.


Step 1

Speak to one of our expert Agents Fill in our simple form or call our office and a propertymart Agent will be in touch with you to take down particulars of the property to be rented out.

Step 2

Based on the payment you made – our local agents will come and take down your property particulars, take great photos and draw up a floorplan immediately. Within 24-48 hours; your property will be live for rent out in front of hundreds of viewers on and a classified advertisement in a local leading newspaper on immediate next Sunday for every fortnightly for one month.

Step 3

Your personal propertymart Agent will handle all of your potential tenants and call to relay the information. As the person who knows your house better, we book your viewings for you and let you host them! We then take it back into our hands on negotiation to get you the best possible rental price.

One time fee until rent out

No commission, just a one-time fee. Total up front fee of Rs.4999 for Rs.15000 or less one month rent value. Rs.9999 if rent value is more than Rs.15000 ( All Excluding GST)